The UK is known for its love of two things - dogs, and tea. Here at Bru, we've taken the nation's best loved treasures and combined them to create a small but perfectly formed collection of dog inspired mugs. 

Each month, a new breed is added to the range and is chosen by Bru's own customers, fans, friends and social media followers. Be sure to check our blog to make sure you get your say on who should be next to join the Bru pack.

In addition to our range of pre-designed mugs, Bru specialises in designing personalised mugs featuring your own dogs. All we need from you is a picture of your beloved hound, and we'll create a custom illustrated mug of your dog.

To complement Bru's mug collection, we also stock complementary accessories such as coasters. Our tote bags  are perfect for carrying your tea and coffee home from the supermarket, just don't forget the treats for Fido.

10% of all Bru's profits go to Snoopy Rescue UK, a hard working charity that works to rescue and rehome dogs from Romania, Spain, Ireland and the UK.

Who Created Bru?

airedale terrier

That would be me, Joy Jewell. Oh, and Bruce, of course. His involvement in the day to day running of Bru is minimal due to the fact that he's, y'know... a dog, and all. However, he's the inspiration behind Bru and it wouldn't be here without him, so we've got to give him some credit.

With a background in fashion and beauty writing, I turned to dog blogging not long after Bruce entered my life, home, and family in 2013. I soon discovered that the world of dogs was my happy place, I left the fashion industry behind and made dog blogging and writing 'my thing'.

The idea for Bru came from out of the blue one Spring day as I was playing around creating illustrations of Bruce in photoshop, and the rest as they say, is history.

Let's Be Friends!

For a look behind the scenes of Bru, to gain a sneak peek into the design process, and have your say in which breed we should feature in our mug collection next, make sure you follow us on Instagram and Facebook.